Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving: An American Tradition of Food, Family, and Great Memories!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holiday's. I have fond family memories of our feast of turkey, and all the sides and appetizer's that were "oh so good!" This annual get-together represents the continuity of life. Inevitably, someone in the family is bearing the burdens of a personal tragedy while others are in the midst of a joyous occasion. Whatever is going on, Thanksgiving is a time to pause and fill our cups with gratitude for all the things we have to be thankful for. Although I feel like I’m getting old (okay I'm 43 now), Thanksgiving reminds me how much I have to be grateful for.

I remember the family trek to Bennington, Vermont for every Thanksgiving as a kid. We'd all pile in the ole' station wagon and head to my Uncle Howard's house for the big feast. We'd always steal the cream cheese stuffed celery before dinner and hang out in the living room playing golf ball bowling while my Mom and other's worked laboriously in the kitchen. It was a great time for all of us and now that my Dad has passed on, the Holiday is a little more somber but still enjoyble. We sometimes become so self-absorbed with their own lives that we don’t make thoughtful phone calls or get even birthday, anniversary, or holiday cards. Today is a good day to appreciate those who need affirmation, approval, and encouragement as much as you did when you were a child.

This year I'm heading to my brother's family's celebration and am cooking a 22+ pound bird, some sweet potatoes, squash, rolls and other stuff. I love to cook and if I had my own TV show on the FoodTV network it'd be called "Just Like Mom's" because most of my recipes are time honored, hand-me-down traditions. There are so many family traditional meals that I could do 100 blog entries on them. My Mom is a great cook and many of our happiest times were around the dinner table scarfing down loads of great tasting food!

Today I want to express my thanks, and gratitude to you, for making it worthwhile to express my thoughts on a daily basis. It's hard for me to block out the time to write my regular blogs, but the positive reinforcement I get including your comments continue to inspire and encourage me. Your appreciation gives my life additional meaning. If it isn't a happy time for you, I hope you will reflect on past moments of happiness and know that if you just hang in there, things will get better.

I want to wish you and those you love a very happy and rewarding Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you will spend it among loved ones and open your heart to appreciate your good fortune. As I’ve written, family gatherings can be a source of both great joy and stress. I hope yours is dominated by joy. From this very thankful guy, I want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving and hope that you don't Discover Insanity today!