Friday, November 23, 2007

It's Black Friday: What The Hell Are You Thinking? Take A Nap!

I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. For some, the shopping frenzy that ensues on the Friday after Thanksgiving is an obnoxious and distasteful display of unrestrained consumption. For others, the day represents a fun annual tradition of bonding with like-minded insane friends who love to hunt for what they think are bargains.

I'm trying hard to understand why people would rouse themselves to shop. The day after Thanksgiving earned the designation Black Friday because it helps retailers go into the black, the accounting term for a profit, rather than being in the red, the term for a loss. Last year in Costa Mesa, police were called to calm a crowd at a Best Buy waiting to snap up deals on plasma TVs, DVD players and laptops after they began arguing at about 3 a.m. -- two hours before the store opened. KB Toys will open at midnight, J.C. Penney and Mervyns will open at 4 a.m., Circuit City and Best Buy Co. most Wal-Mart's will open at 5 a.m., and Target Corp. will open at 6 a.m.

If you don't want to brave the lines, I've got some online and homemade products that'll hellp you make it into the Christams holiday with the thre meaning of Christmas...happiness and joy!

We've seen all sorts of bras before, but this is the first we've come across that helps save the environment. Dubbed the No! Shopping Bag Bra, this lacy red undergarment has padded cups that when removed, transform into shopping bags that can be used to carry around your groceries, laundry, or other purchases and reduce the consumption of plastic bags in the process. We're not sure those lacy strings would be able to hold much, so ladies, you may want to carry around an extra bra just in case. But if you're interested, the bra is made by lingerie company Triumph Japan.

After the droolworthy Motorized Spaghetti Forks, the next innovation in the cutlery is this Finger Forks. The wearable stainless steel forks might not help you even one extra bit in digging your meal but will definitely be fun…(though, it’s another thing will be more fun to those watching you)! I mean, this is about as lazy as you can get in the culinary world. But hey, this is where technology meets tradition. If you got $$$, blow em' on this one.

Must say Sudoku is going places…places that you cannot even think it can go. All sudoku addicts have a reason to smile as from now onwards they won’t have to take their newspaper in the toilet, for now their favorite game will be right their beside them, 24x7. Where? On the toilet tissue paper. Yes, these sudoko toilet tissue rolls are available at iwantoneofthose for just $8. So no problems if you fail to solve one, there’s entire roll waiting for you. And when you're done, be sure to flush!

If you haven’t throw down hundreds for one of the bazillion iPod docks out there, you may have considered just making your own. But for those out there without the technical know-how — or more importantly, adequate funding — you’re probably stuck syncing your ‘Pod flat on the desk with that plain ole cable Apple tossed in anyway. All it takes is an old Apple accessory box, a generous helping of tape, scissors, and a black marker. While we assume any smallish cardboard box would fit the bill, using the prior home of an AirPort Express card just adds that critical dash of Apple flair to the whole creation. Then sit back and admire your own handiwork!

For those who like cute things, this USB Teddy Bear works as a storage device that will also make you laugh too, everytime you plug it in your USB port, for you have to remove the teddy bear’s head to plug it into the USB plug. So, it sure is quite a funny sight to see its little head stuck into the computer (some of you may think otherwise though)!! No information on the price and availability is yet available.

You know, it’s OK to do nothing. In fact, if you steer clear of stores entirely that day, you’ll have plenty of company...including me. Many people shun most forms of shopping for the entire weekend, either because they can’t stand crowds or they’re turned off by the notion of people shopping from pre-dawn ‘til after dark. Each year on the day after Thanksgiving, the funny and incisive Adbusters Magazine sponsors “Buy Nothing Day” in countries all over the globe. The 24-hour event is billed as a “festival of restraint.”

So grab that leftover turkey, make yourself a sandwich with tons of mayo and cranberry sauce, flip on the TV to one of the millions of "old show marathons" and take that well deserved nap. Hey, in this new world of conservation and global warming, you could say it's my way of "going green!" Where was Al Gore on this idea? Probably at the mall!