Monday, November 5, 2007

The New York Experience: Day 3 - That Was Easy!

Where are the pictures? Well folks, here in rural Upstate NY, with an 81-year old mother, there's not much need for DSL or Broadband. With only an "old-fashioned" dialup connection, even putting up this blog is like watching paint dry. But I'll try. Day 3 was another relaxing day. Not the pace of LA but nice. It started off cold (what else?) but once the sun came out, it was what Fall is supposed to be! Of course, being here means doing things for my Mom which brings back memories...chores!

Like I've said in previous blogs on this trip, the big news is local politics. Tomorrow is the BIG election up here and hopefully we'll get some real news soon. My mom and I had to get some family records organized today so off I went to Staples and got the "organization needs" to get the job done. On the way out the door, I saw one of those big red "That Was Easy" buttons and decided to get one for Mom. Well, to my surprise (although it shouldn't surprise me with her quirkey sense of humor) she loved it. Every time she finished a task, she walked over to the counter and hit the button..."That Was Easy!" Soon, I'm going to have to hid it from her.

We went to a NY State DMV office to register one of the two cars my Mom has. Why she had two cars we'll never know but it's great for the visits up here. Saves on the cost of a rental car. We went to a local courthouse and took care of the paperwork required for a name change on a registration (and I though California DMV paperwork was confusing) and had a nice ride home remembering about being kids in the country,

On the way home, we stopped by Jack's Drive-In, a local burger place. Now up here, local food is kind of history in itself. Jack's has been around for years and they are only open (like many places of the type) seasonally. So, I grabbed four burgers with the works, some fires and headed home. Eating a Jack's burger is like a bit of paradise. Frehs hamburger, grilled onions, warm bun...reminds me of those White Castle sliders everybody in the midwest raves about. Jack's closes this Friday, almost a month later than usual, and I was luck to get the wonderful experience of this epicurial wonder!

Later in the afternoon we took a ride around our local lakes looking at foliage which for the most part had turned to brown. T/here are still a few trees with color but Winter is on it's way. They're talking a possibility of snow showers on Wednesday so I may get to experience what living in Upstate NY (or as most of us call it New England) is all about. It's nice to come home and spend time with Mom and just slow the pace down a bit.

Today was pretty much uneventful. We're keeping the pace just above that of a snail. Tomorrow is Election day. I'm looking forward to taking Mom down to the polls and watch her vote. Then we're off with my wife to make the rounds of the local Country Stores. Shopping. Browzing. Looking at antiques. Spending. Going into debt.

Yippee! Stay tuned. Our pace will be picking up soon!