Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Loss Of An American Icon Of Sanity: The Turn Signal

In 1984, during the height of the Summer Olympics, I became a transplant in the the sunny state of California. I find myself constantly wondering why only about 2 percent of drivers in California use turn signals. I can't say it's just those crazy LA drivers, because many of the culprits aren't from CA at all. But, many are. And so, as I drive to and from work daily, or wherever I happen to be going, I am left to ponder...

Does the heat from the sun fry the wires leading from the turn signal switch inside the car to the actual signal? You know, since California is a semi-arid desert and all?

Are people just so happy from being constantly exposed to mindless Paris Hilton or Britney Spears sightings, that the concept of using one's turn signal simply eludes them completely?

Are drivers in California so old that they forget how to use the turn signal? (I have also found the same thing in Florida and parts of rural Vermont...but we expect that there!) Or, were they simply 'before the turn signal's time'?

Could it be that you just don't have an available hand? I know that you've just got to have that cell phone pinned to your ear while your sipping your non-fat, decaf, add shot, mocha latte and putting on your makeup. Yeah, that's it!

Is it possible that our state mandated that each car sold in the state of CA have it's turn signal disconnected, to uphold CA's strict 'no-turn-signals-allowed' policy? Fits some of the people in Hollywood and especially Glendale!

Perhaps it is the abundant illegal alien population in California that is to blame? Maybe, the alien cut all the signal wires, causing them to malfunction and people to get so pissed off that we just don't see them crossing the border. A definite possibility.

The only other explanation I can think of, is that the same people teach driver's education and work for my local McDonald's which has the menu in Spanish (first) and English!

I will continue to ponder the absence of turn signal usage in this great state, meanwhile wishing I had a bullhorn to yell, "I know you have a friggin' turn signal!!!" But, alas, I am from New York, (as so many 'transplants' are), so I choose to yell and use my horn!