Thursday, November 8, 2007

The New York Experience: Day 6 - A Mellow Day In The Country!

Today was a nice, mellow day in the country. A day to just hang out and enjoy some downtime. Not go anywhere, or do anything. In fact, the highlight of the day was running a few errands around town and trying to deal with a massive sinus-muscle tension headache that plagued me all friggin' day. But hey, if you're going to have a headache, there's no better place than out here in the country.

One of the highlights of today was snow! Well, I call it snow. When I was a kid we called this a false hope. We had a very light snowshower early in the morning but because it was only 28 degrees, we got what they call cornsnow. Cornsnow is kind of like those pesky little styrofoam beads that you can't get off a package after you open it. For a little science behind this, it takes an optimum temperature, around 32 degrees, to make a snowflake. Too warm, it's rain, too cold...cornsnow. It only lasted for about a half hour and I could only get a picture of one granule sitting on the family car. How's that for a good illustration?

In the afternoon my wife returned to one of the country shops she visited the other day to buy more stuff. On the way, as we left my neighborhood, we had to wait for about 15 wild turkeys to cross the by one. These turkeys have been around for years and every time you thought you could move ahead, out came another one to cross the road. That's life in the country for ya.

So now we're getting ready for the big trip to NY City to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. My Mom's and wife are both excited and it should be an adventure for all of us. I've got the trip pretty well planned out with meeting a friend for lunch, the show, and dinner reservations at Gallagher's Steak House...a personal favorite and probably one of America's Best! Lookin' forward to that!

New York City...Get Ready. Here We Come!