Friday, November 2, 2007

The New Price Is Right: Come On Down And Bring The Bong!

This is something that even the writer's who are about to go on strike couldn't write. As you all know, Bob Barker famously closed each episode of "The Price Is Right" with a pitch to spay and neuter pets. His successor, Drew Carey, is taking a stand on a more controversial subject than the reproductive rights of pets: marijuana.

Drew Carey won't tout toking up on "Price," but he defends the use of medical marijuana in a video posted online today on Walking into a LA medical marijuana dispensary, Carey says on the video, "That's the smell of freedom." The video is one of 20 Carey will host for the Reason Foundation, a nonprofit educational group.

Way to go Drew! I can't wait to see the shirts the would-be contestants will be wearing on your new show. That's one way to push the show in the ratings. This new stand should appeal to young (the potheads) and old (the people in need) alike! We're lookin' forward to the Showcase Showdown! Bob Barker will be proud!