Sunday, November 4, 2007

The New York Experience: Day 2 - Life in the Slow Lane With The Works!

Day 2 of the New York Experience started out with the thermometer reading 24 degrees. Yes folks, 24. That's freakin' cold. But 10 AM the thermometer read 40 degrees but that was only after the sun had been beating down on it for an hour. I thnik it was that hour we gained this morning but I'm not sure.

Im really began this day with a quick trip to the local corner market to get the local newspapers. It's amazing how little news there really is out here. Most of it again is local politics and with the election coming up on Tuesday, it's all ads, ads, ads. yjere was an article about a rummage sales next weekend at the local United Methodist Church but that really didn't intereswt me.

We went to one of my favorite little hot dog places in the world, Hot Dog Charlie's. They've got there little 3 inch hot dogs covered with chili that are just to die for. We grew up on them as kids and after downing 4 of them with "the works" (mustard, onions, and chili), it's about the equivalent of one real hot dog! Then we were off to look at trees whose leaves have just finished changing color and creating heaps of mess for kids to play around in. Then it was off to look at cute stuff at the local Country Store type place.! Zzzzzzz.

Later in the afternoon we headed on out to my father's gravesite. It was the first time since he did a year ago that I got to see his US Military plaque and headstone. It is a nice tribute to a great Dad. I put a flag in the ground next to his military honor as there was nothing more memorable to him than the Navy experience. It's kind of hard to imagine him gone but considering what he went through in his last months with us, he''s in a much better place.

After all that we headed off to Cracker Barrel, a restaurant and country store type place. Again, this is a tourist trap but it's something my wife and my Mother both love. So, hey, it can't be all that bad. I figure that when I'm 81, I hope I've got the energy to go to a place like this. I think I'll probably barely have enough to crap my pants!

So there it is...Day 2. I think I'm going to gain a few pounds this trip. With all the "eating out" we're doing, I should look like Santa by the time I get back to the pathetic healthy lifestyle of California. Tomorrow, it's trash day and my Mom wants me to help her with it.

Now doesn't that sound like fun? It's gonna be a tough food day. We've got Ted's Fish Fry and Jack's Hamburger's still to go. Tough choices. Stay tuned, you'll be getting bored real soon!