Sunday, November 25, 2007

From The Corporate Office Of Discover Insanity: An Apology & A Retraction

Humor is and always will be subjective. What tickles the funny bone of one person might be a little tasteless to another. The purpose of DI has been, and always will be, to poke some fun at all of the crazy news and people in the world while making you laugh at the same time. Sometimes, the humorous side overshadows the serious side of the story and to be responsible for your actions is part of life. So here we go.

Last week I did a blog entry that has since been removed at the request of the people involved. The idea and concept for the blog entry came from this article on KCBS-TV's web site and also from various sources around the internet. Many of the stories focused on the fact that the subject of the article was the youngest lawyer to pass the bar in California but is unable to drink. Here is the content of that article which began my blog:

Nov 20, 2007 12:07 pm US/Pacific
She's Barely Legal! UCLA Grad, 18, Passes Bar Exam

(AP) LOS ANGELES Kathleen Holtz only got her driver's license two years ago. Now, at 18, she's got a law license.

Holtz learned Friday that she passed the California bar exam.

"It's not a big deal to me," Holtz said of her age.

Eighteen is the minimum age to practice law in California but 30 is the average age of admission to the state bar.

Holtz was 15 when she entered law school at UCLA, where she was a Law Review editor.

"If you sat in the same class with her for a whole semester, you would never know she was younger than anyone else," said her former professor Eugene Volokh.

In September, she joined the Century City firm of TroyGould in the general business litigation group. Last week, one breach-of-contract case in which she was involved resulted in a $2 million verdict for TroyGould's client, a real estate development company.

I took some of the things in that story literally and made some graphics which may have been out of taste in the name of humor. And like any responsible person should, once I was notified of the fact that someone found it offensive, I removed it immediately...while they were on the phone!

So here's the bottom line. I apologize to Kathleen Holtz, TroyGould and anyone who was offended by the content of my blog entry. My purpose was to be humorous and at the same time, point out the fact that this person has accomplished an incredible thing in today's apathetic world. Your story hopefully will inspire people to accomplish what the set out to do. I was so impressed by your achievement and success that for people not to read about your accomplishment would be a mistake. I took the humorous side a bit to far and for that, I apologize. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. You did a great thing.