Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Who's On First? Miss California USA Pageant Is Beyond Screwed Up! Get Out your Scorecard.

Many little girls dream of one day coveting the Miss Universe Crown. In America, to get there, the proper step to take to fulfill this dream is to join the Miss. America Pageant and be sure you know how to count! However, to get there, you have to be crowned the most beautiful in your state. Christina Silva did this in last week's Miss. California USA pageant. Unfortunately, she wouldn't make it to the Miss America Pageant next year. Miss Silva was asked to give up her crown because of a supposed "human error" in the tabulation of scores during the pageant. This is one story where you really do need a scorcard to figure this thing out!

The rightful? winner is Raquel Beezley who was declared second runner-up during pageant night. But was she really? Miss Barstow, who placed second in the contest was the second runner up. Apparently, according to officials, the crowds response led them to question the ballot count. When she was announced, there was a lot of booing! The actual winner, who was never crowned, was actually Miss Woodland Hills...who came in first! But she won't get the crown and she didn't even place in the top 3! Say what?

Ms. Silva decided to give up her crown but furthered that the organizers could not exactly explain the said accounting error but that she was told that if she refused to give up her crown, "her personal integrity could be questioned and that her career could potentially suffer". She hired a lawyer and is currently looking at her legal options. Roger Neal, who represents the Miss California USA pageant, said Beezley is the rightful winner. The pageant allowed Silva to keep her crown, sash and necklace and returned her $1,500 entry fee after the error was discovered, Neal said. Duplicates were being made for Beezley.Wasn't that nice of them!

The contestants were scored by five celebrity judges who independently ranked them. The mix-up occurred when the points were reversed, with the lowest point given to the winner and the highest to the fourth runner-up, officals said. Pageant officials released a statement saying, "We support Christina in her quest to seek the truth." I think the real truth is you should stop drinking those Cosmos and be required to pass a field sobriety test. Hell, a 1st grade can add better than you people! Congratulation to you Christina. Or should I say, Raquel? Or is it Carrie? No, I think it's Brandi. Oh, I'm so friggin' confused.

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