Monday, December 3, 2007

Speeding: It's Not a Privledge - It's A Right! But You Can Get Creative Trying To Control It!

Sing it with me...(to the tune of Billy Joel's "Longest Time"...Driving like you're not a bit concerned. Never using signals when you turn. You're in the fast lane and I'm about to go insane 'cause I have been behind you for the longest time. Sloooow, oh so slow. You drive so damn slow. Sloooow, oh so slow. You drive so damn slow. One should never drive recklessly, it's good to be safe, it's good not to speed. But don't you ever ask yourself "why?", you're being passed by, by small children on skateboards. That's my horn your hearing from the rear, can't you see my finger in your rear view mirror. Don't get a ticket, but take it out of first gear and kick it. I've been behind you for the longest time. Sloooow, oh so slow. You drive so damn slow.

That's one of my favorite tunes from "Mark and Brian" before they went commercial. Speeding. We all do it, especially here in L.A. When you're on the open freeway, why not? You get there a bit quicker and have fun at the same time. There are times when it's good (like on freeways) and times when it's not (like in school zones). I live in a 'School Zone' and you'd be amazed at all these Mother's driving like bats out of hell to get their kids to school. Hey you really think your kid want's to get there any quicker. I'd say not. It took a parent getting hit for them to put those wonderful, car wrenching, shock destroying speed bumps on our street. In this parody video, maybe this guy has got the right idea. Whaddya' think?

Now for the real story and I'm not making this up! Making motorists stay within the speed limit is a problem in every country. Apparently those living in Denmark have a care free attitude about a lot of things including speeding so the Danish Road Safety Council thought it was time for a different approach to enforce speed limits. The country now has Speed Control Bikini Bandits. Yes. It's exactly what it sounds like except the Bandits seem to have forgotten to wear their bikini tops when holding speed limit signs and urging drivers to obey the limits. Have fun with this witty campaign approach to speed control but if your boss doesn't like you watching naked women holding speed limit signs while shaking their boobs, you might want to properly angle your monitor before viewing.

Denmark's traffic engineers decided that something had to be done. To the rescue came the Bikini Bandits, who are trained — and dressed — to get motorists to slow down. Julia Pauli of the Danish road safety council says the reaction to the Speedbandits video had been mostly positive. "If you want to reach the young people, you have to communicate on their conditions... So, topless women are working," she said. She said the advertising campaign had been tested and in the target group it was really positive - more than 50% said they were thinking more about the dangers of speeding when driving.Asked if the council would consider using a man exposing his bottom to appeal to speeding women drivers, Ms Pauli said: Maybe. We'll see." I think I'd speed up if I saw a naked guys butt holding a speed limit sign!

Maybe those Dane's have got an idea. It may not work on the freeway but I'm sure people would enjoy it in Hollywood. Hell, most of the people here are "wanna-be-actor's" looking for a break any way they can get it. And I'm sure the audition session would be well attended. Hello. Mr. Mayor? Have I got an idea for you!