Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! Cheer Up - For Your Sake And Ours!

When people hear the word December, they think of Christmas, or Hanukkah. On December 25th, not only are we to celebrate Christmas, but we are also scheduled to celebrate National Pumpkin Pie Day! Oh yum! (Not really). Indeed, the holiday season, undeniably dominated by the trappings and traditions of Christmas, is not only a time for solemn worship but a period of high festivity, grand enthusiasm, and good cheer.

“‘Tis the season to be jolly.” Despite the freakin' relentless commercialism conveying a sense of artificiality, I still find that the music, decorations, holiday cards, and gifts associated with Christmas makes me a huge fan of cheerfulness. Even the forced and phony joyfulness of “Ho, Ho, Ho” department store Santas can generate authentic delight. There’s no doubt about it, good nature is a powerful force that makes people, including the person exuding it, feel better. I love to be around merry people and during these times, I'm at my jolliest!

I think cheerfulness is a born trait and gleeful people are simply hardwired to look on the bright side. I’ve come to realize, however, that happiness is more often a choice than a trait. Many people are self-consciously good-spirited as a life strategy to make themselves and those they interact with happier. It’s a matter of character to repress or overcome personal grievances, sorrows, and setbacks and willfully project positive attitudes. A cheerful person and a somber one look at the same things, but they see them differently. They also look for other things. Someone once made the distinction between a person who is happy because he has no cares at all and a cheerful person who has cares but doesn’t let them get him down. And that's me!

And you know, another mistake people make because they are rushing to get everything done is that they forget to spend time with their family. Remember, it's not the gifts or meals that are important. Christmas is a time to send with your family and remember why you're celebrating in the first place. For some reason, Christmas music always cheers me up and puts me into the holiday spirit. Maybe it's because they remind me of Christmas's of my childhood and the fact that LA's KOST-103 plays Christmas music for 30 days. Or maybe it's because they have some kind of magical mood boosters to them. Whatever it may be, I just know that when I sing a good Christmas tune will always put a smile on my face or get some sort of reaction. Getting downright goofy as you sing along to Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland will definitely get rid of your holiday blues.

And while we're celebrating, did you know that there are a few more holidays that we've yet to celebrate? Oh man, I hate whiners...and now they go and give them a holiday!? Yep, tomorrow is National Whiners Day. The 27th is National Fruitcake Day. I cannot stand fruitcake, but for those who can't get enough...today you can. On the 28th gather some friends up for National Card Day...make sure you serve plenty of chocolate too, because it is also National Chocolate Day. December 29th is Pepper Pot Day. Is that a name of a drug!? No actually it is a soup recipe! December 30th is Festival Of Enormous Changes At The Last Minute. I'm not sure what the hell that is, but yeah, why not change something at the last minute today? Perhaps your clothes, after you have already gotten dressed. Lame I know, but what else are we supposed to do... we can change our minds at the last minute, but most of us do that everyday anyway. Last but not least is December 31st, which is Unlucky Day. I guess they expect us to embrace out unlucky selves today. Celebrate your bad luck or something, maybe it will go away? Hah!

I thank the many of you who read Discover Insanity on a daily basis or even from time to time. I have a lot of fun doing it and I hope you get a laugh or feel cheerful at some of my rantings. Cheerfulness is the greatest gift you can give others. I believe that from the bottom of my heart and I wish all of you the traditional "peace, joy and love" that you should have on this special day. So cheer up – for your sake and ours.

And finally, I would like to say a Very Merry Christmas to those soldiers who are serving in our armed forces both here and abroad who are unable to be with their families this Christmas. I wish you all the best...keep safe and Thank You!