Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice Cold Justice: Man In Cooler For Deflating Frosty

It's a tragedy that happens every year around this time. It's an injustice that should never have to happen. Many times, the vicious criminal is never found or caught. In fact, many times there is very little evidence. It's usually a sad story but in today's episode, the good guys got the bad guys. Kind of like an old Adam 12 episode. In Slidell, Louisiana, Frosty The Snowman got flattened, and a man wound up in the cooler. Damn right!

Authorities say Lance Word, 18, tackled and popped an inflatable snowman decoration on a lawn Saturday in this suburban New Orleans community. Police arrested Word and booked him with simple criminal damage to property. He posted bond and was released from jail. Slidell Police Capt. Kevin Foltz said the blowup decorations, which came onto the holiday market in recent years, have been targets in the past. "A lot of people seem to like to pop them, although that the boy tackled it ... that's something new," he said. Foltz said Word was apologetic. The decoration cost $120, he said. According to authorities, Frosty's dying words were, "I'm deeeeflaaaating!"

Why does this have to happen? What is it with poeple in today's world. The holidays are a time for peace, joy and love and to make dreams in the hearts of little boys and girls everywhere. And this idiot has to go and do something like hurting an American hero...a hero whom I love and admire. I hope this guy gets put on ice for 60 days . That'll teach him to mess with the King of all Snowmen!