Sunday, December 9, 2007

He Ain't Lovin' It: Vermont Man Finds Condom Instead Of Pickles On His Whopper!

A man in Fair Haven, Vermont. who says he bit into a Burger King sandwich and found an unwrapped condom inside has sued the owner of the restaurant. Van Miguel Hartless said he bought the Southwestern Whopper at a Burger King in Rutland on June 18 and made the discovery when he got home and started eating it. I think the "Livin' Large" campaign may be a little too much, but Van Miguel definitely aint "Lovin' it!"

His story even gets more bizarre. "My third bite into the burger, it was just a foreign taste," he said. "It was a very sour, bitter sort of taste. It almost had a numbing sensation. "As I went to bite down a little harder, I felt a rubber grind in between my teeth. I saw it half in my mouth, half hanging out. It was an immediate sick-to-my-stomach type of thing." Hartless said he has suffered from vomiting, nightmares and emotional distress. He said he also has incurred medical expenses, because he's worried about whether the condom had been used.

And now for the stupid, "let's sue the crap out of 'em" part. Hartless said he waited three weeks before contacting an attorney. His lawsuit, filed Nov. 16, names store owner Carrols Corp., of Syracuse, N.Y., and seeks damages for pain and suffering, emotional duress and medical expenses. Similar claims have turned out to be fraudulent in other cases. A California couple was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2006 for planting a severed finger in a bowl of Wendy's chili in a scheme to extort money from the fast-food chain. Hartless' lawyer, Devin McLaughlin, said he had Hartless undergo a lie detector test before the suit was filed, and that he passed "with flying colors." I wonder which color he preferred? Hmmmm.

And finally, to top this story off, our wonderful frivolous lawsuit dude said he stored the sandwich and its original wrapper in a plastic bag in a freezer in his garage. Now that's freezin' the evidence. I thought you just left the condom in your wallet for when you really needed a little cash from a big, rich, public corporation. Again, we've gone to far!