Monday, October 8, 2007

Ugly Models: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep...But Ugly Goes All The Way To The Bone!

No this isn't some comedy sketch. In today’s world of photoshop, aneorxia, and endless diet books, there is one firm that keeps it natural. Some may say, too natural. In the UK, The Ugly Model Agency only takes people who look how they want, and live how they want. Though the agency surely has its rogue’s gallery, as can be seen in the video, it may actually be a fresh gust of air for stagnant societal standard of the Paris Hilton's, Anna Nicole's, and Pam Anderson's.

The Ugly Modelling Agency focuses on contracting people who may make one cringe, or run away, at first site. Their goal is to catch unique individuals who challenge the idealized and Hollywood image of what’s beautiful. Modern media has pushed an idealized and unreachable concept of what qualifies for the perfect face, perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect boobs, ultimately, the perfect body. And for years, people have sought different remedies, from excessive plastic surgery to brutal diet and exercise regimens to fit that standard.

Here in the good ol' US of A, the UGLY Model Agency is the first and still the best character model agency in the world. Ugly enterprises were started in 1969 by two photographers who recognized a gap in the modeling market for interesting faces. They created a niche for itself in supplying advertisers with faces that are not traditionally beautiful to front their campaigns. And you know what? You won't be seeing these people on YouTube or TMZ going in and out of jail or rehab!

Ugly specializes in individuals, and with over 900 models on their books ranging from 18-100 years old, sizes 6-30 and Wee Folk (4'1) to The Giant (7'6), they can fulfill any requirement, as no job is too big, outrageous or bizarre for Ugly model agency. As a result Ugly model agency has built up a large client base over its 35 years. Some of their clients include Levis, Calvin Klein, Diesel and yes, unbelievably, Vogue.

Alongside Ugly runs Rage, a fashion agency launched in 1994 which provides young men and women for character fashion photography. These beautiful people are provided for commercial, fashion, glamour and editorial work. With Rage working alongside Ugly, they are able to provide their clients with a wider (and in some cases, pretty dang wide, variety of model.

The question that arises now is: Will “ugly” become the new chic standard? It will take time to see. But if I was a betting man, I'd probably bet on Britney Spears after having a baby, a stint in rehab, the head shaving incident, her appearance on MTV...