Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey Dick Cheney? Screw Your Nap. We Need Some Help Out Here!

It makes me wonder what the hell these guys are doing in their spare time? Are they going out and partying at strip clubs or what? In this case maybe somebody must have changed his meds...or he’s been staying up late watching the latest torture videos from Iraq. Or planning for another uneccessary war with Iran. The vice president of the United States Dick Cheney had his moment Wednesday, and it just so happened that cameras were rolling. Oops!

President George W. Bush was discussing the wildfires which have ravaged our beautiful paradise called California when Cheney started to snooze. I guess all the talk about the fires, the massive amount of destruction, the loss of lives, homes and businesses, the fact that some asshole may have lit them intentionally and the valiant effort of our firefighters was just too damn boring for him. Let's not pretend that fire in CA hurts Dick's feelings. This doesn't hurt his feelings any more than Katrina did when New Orleans was destroyed.

Maybe Shooter just finds human suffering dull (at least the kind he hasn’t personally caused). Maybe he was just meditating. Maybe he was praying. (Okay, I'm stretching here.) Maybe it was the fact that his boss is really dull. Perhaps even the vice president needs a power nap once in awhile just not when good people have lost thousands of homes and stuff. He could at least have stayed awake for that. A briefing on the Iraq crap, okay. I'll give him that one.

Nodding off in front of the boss during an important meeting is never a good idea, but it happens to the best of us. Just don't do it in front of the cameras! I hope he got a chunk bitten out of his ass after this one!