Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Halloween Party Done Right!

Halloween. Not normally one of my favorite holidays of the year. Maybe it was the fact that as a kid we usually had to trick or treat around rural upstate New York in 30 degree temperatures with snow falling. Doesn't that sound like fun. But I guess I'm unlike most people. One of my good friends, Mike, decided to throw his final (sure it is) Halloween Party. Sure, he says this now...but I'll bet he has another one next year. It was the chance for friends and co-workers to dress up (and we all looked much better than in real life), get down and really party. With a few fun added bonuses thrown in.

This is no little Halloween Party. When Mike and his wife (and my hairstylist) Sam throw a party, they do it right. The place was decorated to the hilt with Halloween stuff all over the place to remind you of what Holiday we were really celebrating. After a few cocktails, hell, it could have been Christmas. Mike organized this shindig through a really cool website and although it cost $25 per person, with the food, evil spirits, and the entertainment, it was well worth it.

One of the fun highlights was a real live casino. There were blackjack tables, poker tables, roulette and even craps. Although my blackjack dealer could barely count the cards sometimes and she paid out differently from time to time, I still blew all my "fake money" at the table. Mike even gave me another $1500 to blow and that went quicker than his appetizers! Everybody had a blast playing the tables and downing the cocktails served by the party servers. Heck, it was one of the few events that most people stayed until past 11:00 PM! Remember, as you get older, sleep gets much more appealing.

The costumes worn by the guests were definitely creative. From my wife dressed as an angel, to me as a perverted priest with Humphrey the Humping Dog strapped to my leg, some of the costumes were quite creative and fit the personalities of the wearers. There were Foster Farms Chickens, 70's retro people, a pimp with his nun, an evil guy who we couldn't figure out who he was, a British Shiite, a Court Jester and many others. A couple of people came as themselves...that is usually scary enough.

The cool part about it all is that people had fun and got a week bit tipsy. Mike made sure that everybody was safe to go home (how responsible, hunh?) The line "Are you as drunk as I am?" was heard all over the place and reminded me of an upcoming Big Bang Theory episode on CBS this week. Check it out, it'll give you an idea about Halloween Partying.

You know, it's kinda cool to go to a party that's so well executed. Kind of reminded me of one of those FoodTV shows. People really got into the theme and it showed in so many of the creative costumes, etc. Sure, some of you readers aren't going to give a flying crap about this blog but for those of you who do, check out the complete photo album I posted on Snapfish by clicking here!

With all the wildfires here in Southern California (with one being less than a mile from Mike & Sam's house) this was a definite relief to the stress that many people were under. But the big question remains. I'm sure Guido will bitch about how much work it was and that he'll never have one again. But if I know Guido, he'll be doing it all over again. And the next one will be even better! But I don't think I'll be having Humphrey humping my leg next time - he hooked up with a Teddy Bear!

Again, check out the photo album by Clicking Here!