Friday, October 19, 2007

Earth To California DMV: What The Hell Were You Thinking?

Okay folks. I've about had it with the whole Britney Spears thing now. It's getting to be way to freakin' much and the safety of the good citizens (with the exception of the paparzzi) is at risk. We've got to stop this girl before she really kills somebody and we need to send this chick to Driver's!

Britney Spears allegedly ran over a photographer's foot with her car in a Beverly Hills parking garage on Thursday, according to a local broadcast report. Spears was driving her white Mercedes-Benz convertible toward the exit of a parking garage when she was surrounded by paparazzi photographers. Moments later, one photographer fell to the ground and screamed in pain.

"He fell almost into me and his foot was under the tire...she started going forward and I guess ran over the guy's foot," a photographer for named "Michael" said. "Michael", who videotaped the incident, told the station that it looked like Spears ran over the man's foot and he pulled his foot out of the back of the tire. Spears then seemed to realize what took place after the photographer fell and was hit at the front of the left side of her car, "Michael" said.

According to the report, "She looked at him and then Britney put her hand over her mouth and almost immediately started crying," Michael reported. Once the crowd of photographers left, Spears drove out of the parking garage, according to video. The photographer’s condition was unclear. What's really interesting is that the gossip trash website TMZ didn't care that one of it's own was possibly injured in the incident. All they gave a crap about was maybe that she got her lips done! Good one guys.

I've got the answer to this whole "non-news" story. Leave her alone. Stop following her. Stop stalking her. Stop trying to sneak panty shots anytime she does anything. Maybe then, no one will get hurt. I don't give two hoots for the idiot photog "Michael" (who can't even give his real name), it's the fact that this chick's had enough. And so have the rest of us. And, as "Michael" would say..."Of course that's my opinion, I could be wrong!"