Friday, August 31, 2007

The Humorous Side of Insanity: Imagine Yourself As A Cartoon Character!

Today is one of those days when the news doesn't offer much in the area of insanity. Sure, I could give you more Paris, Lindsay and Christina news but I'm so sick and tired of it. Today, let's take our insanity and have some fun. That's right, I saw this on one of my Photoshop sites and couldn't resist.... this web site turns a photo into a Simpson character. It's a really clever site that gives results like this one of me (of course, I'm much more of a stud than this) check it out!

This is one of those delightful mashups of software, the web and imagination that doesn’t really have much obvious practical application but is great fun. As part of the promotion of the Simpsons movie, Burger King and the studio will take any photo of you and, with your customizations on the website, turn it into a series of cartoons. What you're seeing is what it did when I uploaded my photo!

I’m pretty impressed with the technology behind it (love to know how it actually works) as I think the cartoons do have a resemblance to my actual sexiness. Do you agree? The interface lets you upload your own photo, select various facial, hair and clothing styles, adds an accessory or two and then generates a completed photo in which you can pick the background of your choice. Then, you can export it, email it or save it as a buddy icon. The possibilities are endless, and things are not as bad off as you might think they are.

Granted, the picture generated may guarantee that your chances that you'll never have sex again but chances are you'll never wonder what you look like in a two dimensional world, so it's a mixed blessing. Consider yourself lucky. It could be much worse. At least you're not trapped in a Jackie Chan film.

Have a laugh at yourself today...