Friday, August 3, 2007

An Affair To Remember: Now You Can Even Get One Online!

Have you ever wonder why our world is in a moral decline? Why do people even marry anymore? It seems that today's society views marriage like a plastic bottle...disposable. Well to help encourage the decline, a group called The Ashley Madison Agency is committed to protecting and enhancing principles of personal freedom and social justice. How you ask? Well, just go online to their website, look at a few profiles, pick one, and you're off and running on your first affair! Yes, that's right. Affair. The Ashley Madison Agency is committed to helping you have an affair.

The Ashley Madison Foundation, which runs the agency, tries to make itself out to be a spearhead for our inalienable rights. According to their most unbelievable website, they feel that, "A belief in individual rights, the human condition, the positive impact of women on modern day society in business, sex and family life, the evolution of female sexuality and the democratic principles upon which this country was founded are the basis for Ashley Madison’s philosophy and our corporate giving program. As of 2005, when the Ashley Madison Foundation will be formally established, we intend to donate to nonprofit organizations addressing critical issues in the areas of civil rights and civil liberties, freedom of expression, human sexuality, women’s rights and health.Through the company’s contributions, we will provide not-for-profit organizations with grants in the form of cash and services in-kind, including website design and hosting, consultation, printing and public service advertising on the Ashley Madison website.

And the bullshit rhetoric continues. The Ashley Madison Foundation is being established "to pursue, perpetuate and protect the principles of freedom and democracy." The Ashley Madison Foundation seeks to foster social change by confining its grants and other support to projects of national impact and scope involved in fostering open communication about, and research into, human sexuality, health and women's rights, protecting and fostering civil rights and civil liberties for all people, and eliminating censorship and protecting freedom of expression.

They even have a Q&A section which "encourages" safety. You've got to read this one question to believe it.

Q: Is Ashley Madison the right place for me?

A: The good thing about The Ashley Madison Website System is that it really can work. Of course, depending on your perspective, the bad thing about The Ashley Madison Website System is also that it really can work. Having an affair is a risky proposition. There are many obstacles to over come and you always face the risk of getting caught. It's probably a good idea to seek relationship counseling and work out your marital problems before you attempt an affair. Getting caught can bring on many undesired repercussions and will probably result in ongoing mis-trust between you and your partner or divorce. Serious consideration should be given to all possible outcomes. Please choose carefully.

They claim to have at least 50,000 members and have been featured on many talk shows including Dr. Phil who ripped them a butthole about the size of the grand canyon. If you're ever tthinking about having an affair, why in hells name did you get married in the first place. Marraige is about commitment. Monogamy. Sexual fidelity. I guess that in today's world, if theire is a hole, there is always a guy around that wants to fill it. (The pun was intended).

Wake up America, what the hell kind of example is this to our kids? And we wonder why...