Thursday, August 30, 2007

Looking For Some Internet Fun? Now You Can Find Your Neighborhood Perv Online!

Want to make friends with sex offenders but aren't quite sure where they live? Let Vision 20/20 help you. The free web-based program gives users the ability to find the location of any sex offenders living in your area! There are 650,000 registered sex offenders in America – and that number grows by about 25,000 every year. Now you can get to know!

The Vision 20/20 Offender Locator helps you to identify registered sex offenders living in your area. Do it now. It’s Free! (Try It By Clicking Here!) Users simply add their address, city and/ or zip code to the Vision 20/20 site, and then the locations of sex offenders in the immediate vicinity are displayed over a map. Clicking on each sex offender leads to a profile which includes the name, address, and crimes of the sex offender, as well as a mug shot. And, as an added bonus, you can also register with POM Offender Locator to receive an alert the moment any new offender moves into your neighborhood. It’s a Free service! (by the way,this picture is one of my neighborhood pervs!)

Vision 20/20 Inc., has revolutionized the American telematics market by effecting a seamless convergence of Global Positioning System (GPS) with wireless, Internet, and other communication technologies. They are committed to bringing to market products that improve safety, and therefore peace of mind. The power of location technologies is being harnessed to enable products and services which will help people track their loved ones and receive alerts and warnings. In addition to the "Find Your Favorite Neighborhood Perv" (which is free), there are pay services which you can subscribe to like Monitor your Child, Track your Teen, Care for Elderly and the most important, Trace Your Missing Pet!

Vision 20/20 offers a free web based mashup of sex offender data and Windows Live Maps. Sure there may be a few dolphins caught in the tuna net on the site, but overall a good public service is being done here. Some people believe that this is Big Brother in action. Some of the suggestions for services that this company should provide include people who bounced a check in the past 2 years, people who tried to hook up on line when they’re married, teachers in public schools who drink or do a little weed from time to time, nose-pickers in your neighborhood, owners of gas-guzzling SUVs, and my favorite...politicians with IQs lower than their testicles! (oops.. that’s most of them)

Okay, you must agree that people who do sex crimes against minors are the lowest of the low. Why do you think they try to conceal their crimes in prison to avoid getting the crap kicked out of them? Even murderers think these guys are despicable. If you don’t want your face and address shown on a site like this, think twice about fondling your 10-year-old neighbor next time.

Be sure and visit the Vision 20/20 website (click here), it's fun for the whole vigilante-loving family.