Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Dreaded Question: Is It Me Or Does My Ass Look Too Big?

It's about freakin' time. As anyone who's ever been married or even dated a girl knows, how pants make their butts look is one of the top considerations when purchasing a pair of jeans. How man times have you had to answer that inevitable question that no man ever wants to answer, "Does my ass look fat in this?" If you answer, " Yes, those jeans do make your butt look fat," then you're in the doghouse for a damn long time! But rather than hear it from you, your best friend, boyfriend or mom, now you can take a look for yourself on the Butt Cam, the first of its kind, and in Scottsdale, Arizona...of course.

Realizing this, Hub Clothing in Scottsdale, Arizona, has installed a "Butt Cam" and shoppers are checking out their back half, not in a mirror, but on a TV screen. The Butt Cam is capturing a side of shoppers they haven't seen. And you know what? For some, it's a huge hit. For others, well...

At Hub, where most jeans fall between $135 and $250 but go as high as $900, the Butt Cam underscores that the test of a great pair is how they look from behind. "It gives you a perspective that you can't find any other way," said interior designer Kip Merritt, who tested the camera at a recent Hub party. "What other choices do you have?" Hub co-owner Tom Simon created the Butt Cam after watching customers twist in front of mirrors. He applied for a patent after research showed no others like it. "(Customers) want to look good to other people, not just themselves," Simon said. "And even though it seems ridiculous, there's nothing you wear more than jeans."

"A lot of people dread trying on jeans and so any more entertaining you can make it the better. A lot of people compare it to trying on bathing suits, you know something they just don't like to do, we're trying to make it painless," says Simon. Surprisingly enough, the camera is outside the dressing room, giving everyone around a free close-up of people's asses when they go to use it. "We always want to look in the mirror and see what the backside looks like, cause that's what we're worried about right," Shopper Shannon Clement says. "The only other thing you can get would be the 3 man mirror, right, and it'll have the 3 panels, and you're constantly looking, this is fabulous!"

But, no need to worry for now, no one's recording it but I'm sure it'll show up on YouTube soon! It's so popular, they might even start… recording it? Simon says: "We're even thinking of doing a best-of and putting it on DVD for the year, 'Best Butts of '08' or whatever, yeah."

Classy. Butt (pun intended) if it keeps my ass out of the doghouse for another day then "hot damn!"'s worth every penny!