Sunday, May 6, 2007

Thick Brows Make A Comeback:
What's Next? Velour? Polyester?

Leave it to California. The capital of fashion, style and true vanity. I can only imagine the money wasted on eyebrows. Like they really matter all that much! They frame the face, but many women complain due to years of over plucking, their brows need a boost! Now that pencil-thin eyebrows are out, many women are tossing out stencils, pencils, and powders and are opting for a more permanent procedure ... An eyebrow transplant!

Waxing, plucking, tweezing...give your brows a break!!! Put the tweezers down! Just don't do it! It's not going to grow back. Thin was in - but now brows are back! And much to fashionistas chagrin, over plucked eyebrows don't grow back, leaving ladies to pencil, magic marker and stencil these things on their face and spend serious coin doing it!

Everybody loses hair with age," says Dr. Edwin Suddleson. Eyebrow transplants, (yes, you read that right so I'll say it again) eyebrow transplants are on the rise. For a more permanent solution, hair restoration experts at Bosley in Beverly Hills (where else?) have added eye brow transplantation to their list of cosmetic procedures.

"We put 125 hairs in each eye brow." Patients insist beautiful brows are worth the wait. "Eye brows should come approximately between with the center of the nostril should be approximately an inch between the eyebrows," says Dr. Suddleson. Next, the surgeon takes the "donor" hair from the side of the scalp and then one by one, each hair follicle is meticulously placed by hand as with any hair transplantation, new growth won't show in the mirror for about six months.

I think we be gettin' a wee bit out of hand here. Eyebrow transplants? I've learned so much since I transplanted myself from New York to California. I've heard of permanent makeup (tattoo style), permanent eyeliner (tattoo style), cheek implants, lip implants, butt implants and most mens personal fave...breast implants or as they say in politically correct snothole social circles, breast augmentation.

I think I've had enough. There are better things to do with you time than figure out how big your want your brow transplanted. And what heepens in 2 years when thick is out and the uinbrow or even no eyebrows is in. Well, it's back to the old doctor to have it removed. Translation: more coin! I think it's time for me to get that wonderful body adornment I've been wanting for my whole life...