Thursday, May 17, 2007

Billy Squire and Frankie Goes To Hollywood Would Be Very Proud This Month!

I couldn't even find a picture for this entry...but I did! But today I finally found out the true meaning of "the merry, merry month of May." There are so many dedicated months like Black History Month, Cancer Awareness Month and so forth that I was quite surprised to find out that May, which begins with the letter "M", is also a month to celebrate something that begins with "M" and ends with??? Yes folks, this in National Masturbation Month. That's right, you didn't read that wrong. National Masturbation Month. Read on...

In San Francisco, The Center For Sex & Culture, is 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to sexual freedom and safety, offering classes and workshops that continue to promote a sex-positive reality. I received a press release promoting their proclaimated month and their very unique event. The Masturbate-A-Thon. Are you done laughing yet? On their website it says, "Come for this good cause. Wank for the greater good. Jill-off in pride and support. Help keep sex education safe, accurate and fun. All proceeds go this non-profit organization." Need I say more?

I'm sure some of you are really wondering about this holiday and this event. Well folks, here is the offical press release which I received:

(I-Newswire) - For Immediate Release
For more info, please contact:
Robert Lawrence, Co-director
Tel: ( 415 ) 255-1155

The Seventh Annual Masturbate-a-Thon Comes to San Francisco

May 3, 2007: San Francisco, CA - The Center for Sex and Culture, the only publicly available, non-profit sex education center in the United States, is proud to announce the Seventh Annual Masturbate-a-Thon, Saturday, May 26th in San Francisco, in honor of National Masturbation Month. Founded in 2000, the star-studded Masturbate-a-Thon is like a walk-a-thon but a lot more fun. Through individual sponsorships, participants generate revenue in this live group event for every minute they masturbate or for each orgasm claimed. Funds raised will go to supporting the Center of Sex and Culture’s efforts to promote a sex-positive cultural change and reality.

In the last ten years, human sexuality and sexual education has been marginalized or all but been eliminated from public and private school, as well as university curriculum, and replaced with failed abstinence and faith-based alternative teachings that have resulted in record increases in teenage pregnancy and abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases, including VD, Herpes and AIDS. The Center of Sex and Culture’s mission is to provide non-judgmental, sex-positive education and support to diverse populations by means of classes, workshops, social gatherings, cultural events, and practical skills-building events; to maintain and house these events and supporting materials and functions; to maintain a publicly-accessible library and archives; to staff and support this learning environment.

National Masturbation Month was founded in 1995 by San Francisco’s Good Vibrations, a national retailer of sexual aids and adult novelty items, in the wake of then-Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders' firing for stating that masturbation "is perhaps something that should be taught" when discussing young people’s safe sex options. Elders' statement was both practical and supported by sex-positive sex educators everywhere. The folks at Good Vibrations realized that the conservative factors that booted Elders from office were making sex less safe and fun by making masturbation seem shameful.

Since it’s first year, Masturbate-a-Thons have raised over $25,000.00 from over 1,700 pledged participants from six different countries. Trophies were awarded to stand-out participants and in 2006 participants for Longest Time Spent Masturbating ( Male: 8.5 hours and Female: 6.5 hours ), and Most Orgasms ( Male: 6 and Female: 49 ). For 2007, a new record category has been established: Greatest Ejaculation Distance.

Separate areas of the Masturbate-a-Thon site spaces will be set aside for both mixed and single-gender groups. Only part of the room will be set aside for the webcast cameras, so less exhibitionistic attendees can participate somewhat more privately. This year the event will feature a news commentary desk, commercials by and for masturbators, an opera singer, and themed masturbation stages and sets for men and women. In addition to the music, there will also be a video area where spectators can catch the action as it unfolds on the live video stream.

Pledge sheets and detailed co-sponsorship and fund remittance instructions are available at

Wanna Come?

• What: 2007 Live Masturbate-a-Thon fundraiser
• Sponsored by: The Center for Sex & Culture,
• When: Saturday, May 26, 2007, 2 pm – midnight
• Where: The Porn Palace, 415 Jessie, San Francisco, California, 94103 –
• More info:
• Press contact: ; ( 415 ) 255-1155

In doing my exhaustive research for this story, I found that some people who have participated in this event have begun to compete for world records. I'm sure these records have required skill and dedication beyond belief. Here are the current world records:

Time Records:
• Female: 6 h, 30 min
(Norine Dworkin, San Francisco, 2004)
• Male: 8 h, 30 min
(San Francisco, 2006)

Most Orgasms:
• Female: 49 (London, 2006)
• Male: 6 (London, 2006)

I don't think there is much more I can say about this one. I haven't stopped laughing since I got the press release. This is one event that setting a world record could be within easy reach. (Pun Intended) And if you're wondering about my reference to Billy Squire and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, remember their hit tunes, "The Stroke" and "Relax." Need I say more?

That's it for now, I've got some things to do. NO..not that!