Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The LA County Jail: Hollywood's New Hot Spot!

Oh yeah, the Hollywood Elite is at it again. By now you've all heard that Lindsay Lohan reportedly checked herself into an addiction treatment center after being arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after crashing early Saturday. Beverly Hills police booked Lohan on suspicion of driving under the influence and said a "usuable" amount of what appeared to be cocaine was recovered from the wrecked Mercedes SL65. Lohan isn't alone when it comes to being rich, young and in trouble with the law. Paris Hilton (a real non-celeb) is due to report to jail for a 45-day sentence on June 5 and Hilton's pal and sidekick Nicole Richie, is also facing a possible jail term for driving while intoxicated arrest. It seem's these chickies have an affinity for the "simple life" inside an 8x8 foot jail cell!

Good old Lindsay's been down this road before. Not even 21, she already been through rehab. Are you freaking kidding me? She's a kid and turns 21 on July 2 and has had problems keeping her sports car on the road before. She crashed a Mercedes SL65 into a van that made a U-turn in front of her in West Hollywood on Oct. 4, 2005. On May 31 of the same year, her vehicle hit a photographer's van near the Beverly Center. I figure that on her upcoming birthday she'll be out in full-force, like she's been many time before, drinking and partying with other kids with too much money and not enough brains. And if we're luck, she'll make the news again with a "legal aged" DUI arrest. We could only hope!

Her arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 24. She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence or drugs or alcohol. She also may face other charges, including drug possession and leaving the scene of an accident. Police said a "useable" amount of what appeared to be cocaine was recovered during the investigation. So let's take a look at this. She's under the age for legal drinking (strike 1), she was found with "possible" drugs (strike 2), she was drunk and got into an accident (strike 3), she left the scene of an accident and there's video showing her quite "mobile" (strike 4), she convinced her bodyguard to remove the vehicle (strike 5), she's been in two accidents before (strike 6), and she's already done rehab once before (strike 7). How nice.

Reports say she went to a party at a Hollywood home about 3 a.m. Then she went to the Mondrian Hotel and tried to get a room about 4 a.m. but was reportedly told none was available. She returned to her condominium at about 5 a.m., driven by her bodyguard, to pick up her Mercedes. What the hell was she doing driving in the first place? Beverly Hills police are reported to have one of the fastest response times in the nation but after the accident Lohan's bodyguard arrived within moments and drove away the damaged car before Beverly Hills police arrived at the scene. Do I hear "evidence tampering" coming?

Michael Lohan is using Lindsay's weekend car crash and DUI arrest as an opportunity to once again encourage the starlet to get in touch with him. Daddy Lohan recently did time for driving under the influence, and didn't waste the opportunity to reach out to his daughter – via the media, of course – to send his hard-partying daughter a message. He wants her to quit the partying, find God, and, hey, give Dear Old Dad a call. "This could be a blessing. This could be the sign that gets her the help she needs...I believe the people my daughter is hanging around with are the wrong people. Lindsay has to find hope in God and put her family first, not listen to what other people say, and listen to her heart."

I think Princess Lindsay needs a bit more than God right now. It's time for some Judge to make an example of these rich kids and show them the consequences of what they do. You and I would never get the star treatment if we did that same thing. We definitely wouldn't get the press coverage or the chance to maybe reduce our charges by doing rehab...TWICE! I think it's time for Corporate Hollywood to hit her right where it hurts, in her big old wallet. And while we're at it, maybe give her one of those "I think I should of had a V-8" whacks to the head is what's needed here!

Looks like we're going to need a four-star VIP section in the County jail!