Thursday, May 3, 2007

Disney Channel Horror:
Customers Get Porn Instead And Shows Ratings Soar!

Many New Jersey residents watching the Disney Channel Tuesday morning were outraged after the family-friendly programming turned into a pornographic display. Except for a few certain Disney characters!

Jennie Sherman still can't believe what happened while she was watching the show "Handy Manny" with her two twin sons. "We were just sitting here and the screen just froze and then all of a sudden I saw very graphic pornography on the television and I scrambled to get the remote to shut it off," Sherman told WCBS-TV in New York City. "Basically because I said my husband is not going to believe this," she said. "I was in shock, I pressed record and shut the television off."

Comcast spokesman Fred De'Andrea issued a statement regarding the incident: At around 9:30 EDT this morning we had an isolated issue in a local New Jersey Facility. We immediately detected the issue and it was corrected promptly...We apologize to any customer who experienced an issue this morning. We are continuing to investigate the root cause of the incident. Comcast officials also point out this had nothing to do with the Disney Channel although the ratings for Snow White hit an all-time high!.

"I am definitely worried to put the Disney Channel on again (or) Comcast again," Sherman said. Mickey had no comment other than..."oh...oh...ooooooh"

I wonder what "package" that the Disney Porn Channel is under. Hello...Comcast?