Monday, May 7, 2007

It Ain't the Paris Hilton But It'll Be A Simple Life For Her!

Now that the Federal Government has ruled that every blog has to have the "Paris Percentage" – some quotient alluding to Paris Hilton – let’s get that part over with, shall we? Paris Hilton is so freakin' pampered she doesn't read her mail. "I have people who do that for me," she told a judge. Legal documents and traffic citations elude her. "I just sign what people tell me to sign," she testified. The 26-year-old hotel heiress, who parlayed her party lifestyle into worldwide fame, told the judge Friday that she didn't have time to talk with her attorneys about her probation.

Well it's time to give the girl her due. She was sentenced Friday to 45 days at the women's prison just south of downtown LA in Lynwood. Inmates get three low-sodium meals a day, with dinner the only hot meal. It's usually chicken, since beef and pork aren't permitted. What? No Sushi? Like other high-profile inmates, Hilton will be segregated from the general population for her own safety, living in a one- or two-person, 12x8x8 cell.

The cell itself wonít have any luxury accommodations. Hilton will have her pick of a top or bottom bunk with a thin mattress, an uncomfortable writing desk and austere toilet facilities. Inmates are allowed outside their cells for an hour each day to shower, watch television in the day room, participate in outdoor recreation or talk on the pay telephones. Cell phones and Blackberries aren't allowed...Oh My Gawd!

Bad behavior means big publicity for Hilton – she wasn't hurt when her homemade sex tape surfaced on the Internet. Instead she became more famous than before. This is a girl who has total disregard for the rules of our society...and she gets rewarded for it. Time behind bars isn't likely to impart any lessons for Hilton, but at least she couldn't buy her way out of it. One 45-day trip to jail is not going to change her behavior. I wonder if the reality show "The Simple Life" can survive 45 days without her? I'm sure they'll figure out a way to use this for financial gain...on my dime!

Rumors are flying about extra security and precautions that will need to be taken for her stay in jail. Who the hell pays for that? Me! If I got convicted of the same thing, I'd be in there for the entire time. Rumor has it she'll probably get an early release due to overcrowding. And who pays for that? Me!

I'm sure this girl is just the pride of her freaking family! Ms Hilton’s great-grandfather, hotelier Conrad Hilton, famously ended his public appearances by asking, "And please remember to put the shower curtain inside the tub.’’

I'm sure good ol' Paris won't be bending over to pick up the soap...she'll get somebody to do that for her!