Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day:
Thanks God For Giving Us an Angel

Today we honor Mom. It is Mom who looked after the helpless little ol' me and loves me with all her heart and does everything to make my life comfortable. Just for a day, at least, I shall stop taking my mother for granted. Mother's Day is one occasion that gives you and me the opportunity to do something for her. And if you start wondering about the reasons you need to treat your mother with the love and admiration she deserves, you would end up with nothing less than a zillion reasons. Let's just remember the most important reasons we need to be grateful to our mom on the special occasion of Mother's Day.

For a child, every single day should be a Mothers Day. The essence of the meaning of Mother's Day is in the fact that we should try and make this day every year a memorable one for your mother. She should cherish the special feeling of this day and the intensity of that feeling should last her the lifetime. This is the day to stop, remember, and pray for that special person in our life, without whom we would not have been, what we are today; a day to prove that all her efforts, towards making us a complete person, have been worthwhile and make her feel proud for us. In the broader sense of the term, Mother's Day is a day to be grateful to God for being so kind as to bless us with an angel in the form of Mother.

Mom was there at home every single day right from my first day at school. Mom was the one who patiently listened to all my grumbling. The food I gorged ever since I was a child and grew up on, was cooked day in and day out by Mom. I can remember the hundreds of incredible dishes she prepared for surely makes my mouth water even now. Some of those recipes go down in family infamy. Mom's been there for every thick-and-thin of my life. Her and Dad were the two people I could depend upon to stand by me anytime I needed them. When I needed some worldly-wise advice, it was Mom who had patient ears and then pulled me out of the mess. She has professed her love for me and my brothers everyday - through all her acts, big and small. It can't even be measured. It can only be felt.

This last year was a tough one for me and my family. We had what I'd call a banner year in the death department. I lost an Aunt, a Godfather and the hardest of all, my Dad. You know, you never think that is going to happen. I know that losing the love of your life after 54 years of marriage has got to be tough. My Mom has surprising resilience. After 25+ years of not driving a car, she's driving a car! She just got back from a cruise to the Bahama's in celebration of my neices college graduation. And from what I've been told, she had a great time, partied it up, and was the "Mother" to many on board the ship. That's my Mom. At 80-years-old she's pretty damn amazing. I hope I can have her spirit and drive when I reach that age.

What my mother did for me, my brothers and our family is absolutely beyond belief - but when the enormity of her love and sacrifice is felt, I realize that surely she deserves a special treat this Mother's Day. So with Mother’s Day today, these marvelous women, our Mom's, my Mom, your Mom, should get more than flowers or jewelry. They deserve deep, sincere, and enduring admiration and gratitude.

Love you tons Mom! Happy Mother's Day!