Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl XLII Review: It Was Actually A Good Game That Made The Show!

It was this kind of Super Bowl: Pretty Dam Exciting. Although I think the New York Giants had a much better day than the Patriots. Now I'm not a big fan of football, but it was great to see the Patriots spinning their wheels during the underdog New York Giants' 17-14 upset victory, tripping up New England's quest for a 19-0 season at the final leg. A totally strange outcome for a team that seemed destined for historic glory. Eli Manning cast off older brother Peyton's shadow and found his footing. Peyton's kid brother not only matched his sibling's achievement of last year with the Indianapolis Colts, and he was seen in a luxury box jumping up and pumping both fists when the Giants nailed the winning touchdown. And what about the halftime show? Hmmm.

The 80's are dead and gone. To me, nothing was worse than the halftime performance of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Did you know Tom and the boys will be touring North America this summer? You do out and get your tickets. Petty and his band put together a solid four-song set during their 12 minutes onstage. It was good to hear "American Girl" again. It might have been better to hear it at a Super Bowl staged a little closer to, say, 1980, but with the NFL, hip is something that is protected by special padding during games. And thank God he had that beard. Seeing his gaunt face has always driven me crazy!

And what about the ads. There were a couple of good ones and a lot of lame ones.Perfection is never the goal of these ads. Far from it. Shock value remains a popular objective, but try as these ads did, nothing plugging liquid refreshment, cars, tires or websites but no ad compared to the edge-of-the-seat surprise that accompanied Eli Manning's late touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress. There were too many commercials that we overenchanced by computer graphics. But there were a couple I liked and got a laugh or two out of. So, without further are a couple of my faves from what was one of the most exciting games in a long time...and I don't really like football!

Okay. I can't stand energy drinks. They are a waste of money. But this ad for Amp was just to wiered and bizarre to not put in this review. To see some guy put jumper cables on his nipples was just wrong. Especially when he looked like me when I was 459 pounds. But you had to couldn't do anything else!.

Now I've never seen any Will Ferrell movies, but this Jackie Moore "semi-Pro" ad for Bud Ligh made me laugh. It was witty and pretty funny. The overall content left me disturbed but the one line at the end of the 30-second piece for this beer which I never drink made me laugh out loud. I can't remember hearing the words, "Suck One" in a commercial. So folks, click and enjoy.

CGI aside, and the fact that it featured Justin Timberlake, this Pepsi ad started off pretty damn boring. But as it progressed, it got funny. And when our boy Justin, who was being sucked across streets, water, and roads on his way to ???, well, it seems a little mailbox got in his way. And then it got in his way again. And again. And again.And again.And again. It made the commercial worthwhile!

And finally, not that we needed to know that the end of the game was coming at us. We were glued to the screen. But the Victori-ahhhh Secret girl let us know that there's more to life than just football. Although with all the beer and chips most people had during the game, I don't think there was much hanky-panky going on!

So there it is...Discover Insanity's review of the Super Bowl. For the first time I can remember, the game was better than the other entertainment that was forced upon us by the good people at Fox. This may probably be the last sports story you'll see here, unless it involves the "Athlete's Arrest Of The Day!" Hope you stayed safe, didn't drink too much, ate less than you intended and just had a good time. That's what it was all about, right?