Friday, February 15, 2008

Discover Insanity Celebrate Being A Year Old! Well, Kinda, Sort Of.

Some milestones you just have to celebrate. And today, we celebrate our on year - actually our one year and 15 day - actually out 366th blog entry! there you go. Somethin' like that. Yes folks, Discover Insanity has been around for a year and we're here to celebrate with you. Now isn't that grand?

It all started on February February 28th, 2007 when I watched the ABC News special title Bob Woodruff: To Iraq and Back. It made me see a side of this war that I never really saw before. Every day we hear things like "10 Soliders Killed in Helicopter Crash" or "3 Dead in Troop Carrier Blast." Yes, this is a sad reality of the war, but these boys come home, we honor them, we bury them and yes, we forget about them. That first blog entry was in honor of my Dad. He served in WWII and although he never encountered battle on the front line, he had a special heart and empathy for the people who served in all branches of our military. And it still continues...almost daily.

What's a blog writer's life like? Well, busy. I get up at 3:30 in the mornings (way too damn early for most people) and begin looking at my sources. And there are a bunch of them who need to be thanked. Like KCBS-TV, Dave's Daily, Kevin Kelley's Cool Tools, the great people at Gizmodo, The Associated Media Compnay, the heros of the LAPD, Digg, Associated Content, KABC-TV, John Stossel at ABC, Reuters News Service, The Associated Press, The LA Time and The LA Time Opinion People, The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns, Google (without them, there would be no internet), Michael Josephson and His Institute of Ethics, Marcia Leslie, Mike Murray, Joe Perez, Ken Latka, Barry Bindell and my most faithful reader and good friend Mike Santino. His daily Guido comments leave me laughing because he's got a warped sense of humor as bad as mine. So to all my sources (sorry if I missed any of you),...and all my faithful readers, Thank You!

We've done some great stories. From Paris Hilton to Online Affair's services, we cover the gamut when it comes to news. We've covered every one of the dumb celebrity stories and the Athlete Arrest of the Day! We've had happy stories, and sad stories. We've honored and bureid Hal Fishburn and others. We pay honor to our military men fighting for a purpose that they just don't understand and pay our disgust to stuff that should just NEVER happen. Heck, we've even been threatened with a lawsuit when we covered a story about California's Youngest Lawyer to pass the bar exam. They weren't happy to how I reference her age with a magazine. I wonder why. So, we removed it. How's that for not having any balls to stand on? And the stories keep coming, and we'll keep reporting them. It's that simple!

So there it is folks. Number 366. What a milestone, hunh? It's a lot of fun to put my bizarre and abstract thoughts, comments and opinions out there for all to read. And your response keeps it going. And the people of our world keep doing crap that you need to know about. Discover Insanity...our name says it all. You read us, you'll definitely discover the insane side of this little blue planet we call home. Of course, that's just my opinion...I could be wrong! Thanks Dennis Miller for making me go there!