Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Law & Disorder: Ripping Off Girl Scouts...Now That Takes A Lot Of Balls!

Here's today's lesson in how insane some people in our world really are. So we've all learned that we don't go around the neighborhood selling cookies without an adult, right girls? In fact, let's all just set up a table outside the local grocery store and sell cookies with Mom right there. That'll be perfectly safe, right? Actually, it turns out it isn't, really. In Westminster, Colorado, a pair of con artists ripped off a Girl Scout group when they exchanged a fake $100 bill for cookies, police said. Yes folks, we're talking Girl Scouts. Brownies. Those young, innocent, girls who force us to consume calories we really don't need. But who can resist a kid, right?

The unknown couple handed over the bill Friday night at a supermarket, telling the girls it had been washed when asked about why it looked so strange. "It felt and looked wrong and it was a quarter of an inch shorted than a $1 bill," said Jil Hennessey-Seabolt, (no relation to the Jill Hennessey of Crossing Jordan fame who would have kicked some ass if that happened to her kid!)the cookie director for Junior Girl Scouts Troop 2121. Hennessey-Seabolt said the Girl Scouts gave the couple $93.50 in change after the purchase. The young couple left with two boxes of Samoas and $93.50 in real change, police said. "Unfortunately, it is one of those things that we as leaders are actually trained not to accept the larger bills, and unfortunately, the troop did, and it backfired," said Kresta Vuolo, a Girl Scout troop parent. So Ms. Hennessey-Seabolt, I guess you just weren't paying attention when we talked about that, now were you?

The exchange eradicated the Scouts' earnings that day. The money they raise in the sales goes to camping trips and to area charities. "I just can't believe that somebody would stoop that low," said Lyman Cox, a Westminster resident. The Girl Scouts' council will reimburse Troop 2121 for the funny money. Other people have also called police offering to donate $100 to the troop. Investigators were reviewing security tape from the store to try and identify the suspects. There was also a report of someone offering a $100 bill to Girl Scouts in Lakewood over the weekend. That bill was a gGirl Scout leader who realized that to give a hundred dollar bill for a single box of Thin Mints was just stupid. That lady paid must have paid attention in class. Good job!

And rippping off Girl Scouts has happened before. Last year, nine-year-old Gracie Smith was doing just that -- selling cookies outside a Winn-Dixie supermarket in Southeastern Florida -- when a teenage girl came up and began talking to her. Moments later, the teen reached over and grabbed an envelope with more than $150 of cookie money. She then ran off, jumped into a car with another teen, and took off. Now here's the pisser. The two miscreants apparently did it for the money. "We went through all that effort to get it, we got all these charges and we had to give the money back. I'm kind of pissed," said one. The other one said she wasn't sorry, just angry that they got caught. Luckily, however, they did get caught and will hopefully face some stiff punishment. You think?

The two a--hole criminals even went so far as to fakely mark the bill with a pen to make it look like it had been checked for its validity. That's smart.The story does have a happy ending, though. A resident donated $100 to the Girl Scouts. Crap like this ain't fair when it happens to adults, but when it happens to kids who work so hard, it's pisses me off. What the hell is happening in our world. Ripping off Girl Scouts? Come on. I think it's time we train the Girl Scouts how to subdue and apprehend a criminal. Kind of like in my top of story picture there. That'll make you think twice. Hi! My names Cindy. I'm raising money for my Girl Scout troop so we can go to wilderness camp. You'd like a box of Tagalongs? Okay. $100 bill? Gee, it looks photocopied. I never realized that Bill Clinton was on the hundred dollar bill. On your knees're busted!