Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Joy Of Being A Lazy Californian! Now There's A Company That Solves Another Boring Chore!

Hi kids and welcome to Discover Insanity! It's with great pleasure that we present you with this blog where we scour the Internet for the things that just make you sit back and go, "Whoa…" Or, "NO way!!, "Holy Crap," Or, sometimes, "Ewwww!" Let's face it people, other than getting news updates, looking at porn, paying your bills, sharing photos, searching for more porn, downloading music, connecting with old friends, downloading porn, finding love, taking classes, booking airline tickets or spending coutless hours reading boring blogs (like this sometimes) and watching YouTube videos….this is exactly what the Internet is for. I don't often promote a company but I like this company's basic mission..."We can't do anything about the traffic or your bedhead, but at least your trashcans will be taken care of."

You hate to do it and it is an inconvenient. You don't have the time. You always forget and then have to do it late at night. Your driveway is as long as a runway. You would rather your kids study, than lug trashcans to the curb. You want your neigbors to think it's someone else who's throwing out all those dirty magazine and VHS box covers. Well, your wait is over. CurbSide Trash Luggers brings your trashcans to the curb for pickup and then they return them to your yard after they have been emptied. They take the worry out of your weekly trash chores by providing you with the best trashcan valet service. Yes folks, your read that right...a valet service. And they like to do it!

CurbSide Trash Luggers was established to provide a professional trashcan valet service that eliminates the hassle of weekly trash chores. Their goal is to improve our customer's quality of life by saving you valuable time and energy. They take pride in relieving the inconvenience of their customer's weekly trashcan duties. As CEO/Founder Ric Christopher says, "When we were kids, we would take out the trash for our families. As the years passed, I found out that I continued to be the one lugging the cans to the curb. When does it end? Some time ago my wife and I moved into an apartment building with 4 units. We realized quickly that no one was compelled to take out the trashcans on trash day. Having done it my whole life, I figured I would do the task for the good of the building. Over a year passed and I was still the only one dragging the cans to the curb and back. One day I said enough is enough…I decided to stop. (We did have other tenants that were very capable of helping) I just left the cans at the curb…It wasn't too bad the first week, but as the weeks passed by, I realized that those cans would stay at the curb forever or until I moved them back. To my surprise one evening at 11:30 pm I heard the rumble of the cans rolling back to their resting place in our yard. I was so happy I jumped up to thank the thoughtful neighbor who finally broke down and helped. As I walked out my back door I saw the figure coming out of the dark…It was my wife.

Now here's some guys who took one of the most boring jobs in the world and made a service to solve a problem. Now that's innovative. And heck, for $16 per month, it might be worth it. Their service area is limited...for now...but I'm sure these guys will franchise soon and maybe even become a part of America's service industry which includes pool guys, lawn guys, cleaning ladies, outcall massage "therapists", dog walkers, window washers, car detailer and all the other ones out there. Welcome to America...we're fat and lazy and can't do even the somplist chores ourselves because we're too friggin' busy. My hat is off to these guys! When are you going to service my neighborhood in Thousand Oaks???