Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When Will I Die? The Internet Will Help You Find That Out!

Death is the end of the life. Death is inevitable, and permanent; that is, all living things eventually die, and once a living thing dies it cannot return to a state of living. The principal causes of human death are diseases related to aging. Of course, the life path we choose can help to quicken it to lengthen it. In medicine, biological details and definitions of death have become increasingly complicated as technology advances. So we need a little help determining our lifespan since that figure seems to be changing every other day. Do you want to know when you will eventually lead to your demise? Well help has arrived via the internet.

Just surfing around this morning I came across a blog or two that had these death clocks and death calculators. Now, I'm sure they are not based on any scientific principle but hey, they were a lot of fun to play with. Do I eat my veggies? Do I drink too much? Is smoking two-packs a day really going to kill me faster? What are the chances I'll get hit by some bimbo driving at 60 miles-per-hour on her cellphone while I'm in the crosswalk at The Grove? These are questions to ponder. And now, thanks to the technology of the Internet, I know the date of my death, the location and the possible causes. How fun, hunh? If you click here you will go to a website called Day4Death which will give you a short quiz and then calculate your death statistics. Here's how I came out...

Well, I'm looking forward to September 18, 2044. It should be an interesting day. Makes me wonder what changes I can make to extend that number. You can play with this stuff all you like but one fact is true. We are all going to die. They say that death is the end of life. Or is it just the beginning? You decide!

If you want to make your own tombstone, click here! It's Fun!