Thursday, January 3, 2008

French Food May Be Good But Their Video Games Are Tasteless!

One of the most tragic days in the history was 9/11...when our country realized that terrorism wasn't just something that happened "over there". And as one of the worst days in American history, countless millions believe Sept. 11, 2001, should never be duplicated, not even in a video game. On the surface, it's just a game. For many Americans however, it's a game that is not only offensive, but also opens up old and painful wounds. Apparently, a group of French Internet video game makers never got the message, and now families of victims from that horrid day are enraged with the notion that children get to replay the tragedy over and over again.

Jim Riches is all too familiar with the events of that day as he lost his firefighter son inside the North Tower. "For somebody to exploit a tragedy, where so many people died that day … it's sick, it's a sick mind," says Jim Riches. For those personally effected by the terrorist attacks, the game not only makes them feel disgust, but also brings back painful memories of that day's events. It's hurtful to all the families. It just brings up that pain again of seven years ago."

"It's horrible what happened. People shouldn't see it again and kids should not be playing games like that. It's just not funny," said Lauren Zaifart, a Battery Park resident. The goal of the French made Internet game, "New York Defender," according to the designer, is for players to shoot down planes before they strike the towers and cause them to come crumbling down. The French game designer said there is no way to win the game. The sole purpose is to illustrate the ultimate impossibility of fighting terrorism – a fight the United States is still waging in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere throughout the world.

There is a followup game called New York Defender 2, which shows a map of area airports and commercial airliners, which players are supposed to determine as hijacked or not and shoot them down accordingly. also hosts a game called Baghdad Defender, where people have the ability to unsuccessfully defend the Iraq capital from cruise missiles.

The tagline for this game says "Go beyond your powerlessness and use your mouse to fight back." For those who think this is a tasteless exploit of an American tragedy, I can think of a tagline from the movie "War Games" that fits this piece of crap..."the only winning move ... is not to play".