Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's Sunday So Be Lazy! And You Don't Need A Museum To Show You How!

I suppose that lazy people may be getting the most out of life, but it's hard for me to imagine how. In Colombia's capital, Bogota, a museum has opened an exhibit which features sofas placed in front of televisions, hammocks and beds - anything associated with the avoidance of work. The idea is to get people during the holiday season to think about laziness and its opposite, extreme work, and perhaps reach some balanced conclusion.The museum hopes to get people to think about what laziness is.

Bogota's newest museum titled the 'museum of laziness', sponsored by the city government, is much-visited and could be ideal for those overwhelmed by the traffic, the fumes, the fast pace of life or the pressures of work. Marcela Arrieta, the museum curator, told Associated Press news agency: "We always think about laziness as an enemy of work. So we wanted to explore that and make people think about the social issues implied in taking a nap, in being jobless or in feeling that maybe we are wasting time - so we want to ask ourselves about that."

That being said, the website presents “The Guide to Being Lazy”. It features Black Text. White Background. No Pictures. All Lazy. They even have a little guide to being lazy. How's that for education? Here are their top four tips on what it takes to be truly lazy. If you want to read more you've got to get off your lazy ass and click on the link above to read the whole thing!
Proper Attire - Sweat pants are a lazy man’s bread and butter. It has two very important factors, comfort and an athletic look. You need a brand name pair of swear pants to pull the look off. If you strut out there with red sweat pants with no elastic you might as well just paint “I’m lazy” on your forehead. A matching t-shirt is purely optional and should really only ever happen if you randomly pick the right one out of your laundry pile. After all you were too lazy to fold your clothes)

Hygiene - The short hair cut is simple and efficient. You can easily let it dry in the wind while getting that rugged messy hair look that seems to always be in style. You can use the same towel for months and as far as underwear goes some people recommend the flipping back and forth deal. That is probably too much work. Just don’t wear underwear.

Work - The toilet does need to be cleaned. The house needs to be vacuumed. The dishes need to be washed. But not by you. Get a maid. A lazy man isn’t a lazy man without one.

Social Life - There is no point of leaving the house in your spare time or any time if you can help it. And if you've got a wife or grilfriend, you're lucky. But how did you get this girl? The messy hair combined with the coincidence where your pants and shirts matched one day that you actual left the house. The mismatched socks just made you seem quirky and she didn’t even realize you were just plain old lazy.

If you're not feeling lazy right now, book a flight to Bogota and check out the museum. But you'll have to be quick. You will have to shed their laziness long enough to get to the museum soon - it closes in a week. But always remember, you don't have to leave the comfort of your own house to create this piece of art. It's Sunday and rainy here in Southern create your own display and enjoy yourself!