Saturday, September 15, 2007

Take Out The Garbage! No! Say What? Smack, Bang, Pow! That'll Learn 'Ya!

Today's educational system is in trouble. Kids are getting more violent & teachers have less options as to how to handle it. In today DiscoverInsanity I don't think either of our two characters actions were warranted. But I think the public should stand behind this teacher who obviously has a very difficult job trying to teach at a place where these sociopaths attend school. It is pretty obvious that this little punk thought he could get away with pushing an old man but he got the surprise of his life.

In LA's Riverside County Community School a 14-year-old student and his teacher were arrested after a disagreement about taking out the trash led to slaps and at least three punches. The incident happened at the community school when the teacher reportedly asked the student to throw out the trash and he refused. The student then shoved the teacher and the teacher slapped the student, according to authorities. The student then slapped the teacher back and the teacher punched the student at least three times in the head. The student had bumps and bruises, but neither the student nor the teacher required medical treatment.

Thomas Silva, a 61 year old teacher from Palm Springs, was arrested on suspicion of willful cruelty to a child, booked into Palm Springs Jail and released on a promise to appear in court, Spike said. The unidentified teenager, who was arrested on suspicion of battery on a school employee, was released to a parent on a promise to appear in court, Spike said. Silva has been employed with the Riverside County Office of Education since 1979, working at the school of about 40 students, who are in the seventh through 12 grades and who have been expelled from other schools, are on probation or have credit deficiency issues.

This teacher reacted swiftly to protect himself. What would your reaction have been if you were pushed by someone, especially a student. I can just imagine!!! So what are our teacher supposed to do? Become a punching bag for every kid who can't stand his teahcer? If the teacher can't serve harsh dicipline to this kid now. Then in the future this little criminal kid may have to shoot this very same teacher in some domestic altercation later on.

I guess giving kid's a "time out" hasn't been much help over the years has it?