Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Professionalism And Integrity Reigns In Swedish Television

Warning! Today's Discover Insanity entry comes to use from Sweden where on-the-air professionalism is at an all time high. It seems that here in America, when we fell ill we take a sick day. In Sweden though, you do what you've got to do and keep on going.This video clip, of a Swedish television presenter has become a hit on YouTube after she vomited live on air but continued with the show.

So far, nearly 250,000 people have watched Eva Nazemson's display of professionalism on the video sharing site. Nazemson was hosting a late night phone-in game show on TV4 Plus when she suddenly become ill. As a male caller tried to solve a word puzzle, Nazemson quickly turned her head to one side and vomited. She disappeared off screen for a few seconds but quickly reappeared to continue with the phone-in. Eva was quick to clarify the reason for her sudden sickness: "I'm having period pains and they can make you feel really sick," she told viewers. All I understood was, "Wooo...ok...!" And frankly, that's all I needed to understand.

Do you think our American couterparts would go on after an event like this? Not! I couldn't see Katie, Dan or Barbara recovering after an event like this. But this lady shows true, unabahsed professionalism and dedication to the task at hand. Probably the only american anchor that ever get away with this, and we'd respect him for his honesty and integrity, would be the legendary Walter Cronkite!

My hats off to this Swedish TV host. Now you know why I don't eat swedish meatballs!