Monday, September 24, 2007

House For Rent: 101-Freeway At Cahuenga...No Parking

Now this could only happen in LA and our wonderful highway maintenance organization Caltrans has no idea about what to do about it! Over a week ago on Saturday morning, this house was being moved to Santa Clarita, but the movers didn't have a permit to be on this section off the 101, so when they reached the Hollywood Boulevard overpass, the house got stuck. The house has been tagged and somebody (I'm sure Caltrans) helpfully put orange cones around the house to make sure nobody crashes in to it. This is one of the crazier things I've seen left roadside here in LA. I'd probably expect this in NY!

The house was being moved a week ago Saturday when the roof clipped the bottom of a bridge as it was being towed toward the San Fernando Valley, temporarily closing three of the four northbound lanes at the Hollywood Boulevard overpass, California Highway Patrol officers said. The house was moved to the shoulder of the freeway the same day, and it was still there on this morning. The house has been adorned with graffiti and someone hung a "for rent" sign on it.

According to a report in the Los Angeles Daily News, Patrick Richardson of Castaic decided to move his house on his own with a truck and trailer that broke down over and over along the way in an extreme moving nightmare. Richardson did get a permit from Caltrans to move the oversized load up to rural Placerita Canyon, the newspaper reported. But instead of following the authorized route -- from the Santa Monica Freeway to the San Diego Freeway north and eventually to the Antelope Valley Freeway -- Richardson took a detour, maybe to avoid the climb over the Sepulveda Pass. Around the 10 and 110 freeways, the wheels on his vehicle started falling off. They came off one by one during the travel," said CHP Officer McCutcheon. "It was pretty ugly." At one point, the roof of the house clipped an overpass at Western Avenue, destroying the roof.

So now it's up to Caltrans to move the dang thing. I'm sure it'll be squatted by homeless or crack addicts in the next day or so. Maybe they should just leave it as a monument to the stupidity of a guy who decided to move the ugly green house anyway. Maybe it'll cut down on the graffitti problem here in LA since the taggers seem to having a field day with it. I'm pretty sure that with the brain-trust of Caltrans and the stupidity of the guy trying to move this house on his own that eventually (and we don't know when) it'll get moved. But how long should we have to wait?

I think it's time we called in the Army Corp of Engineers. At least they did a great job with the levees in Louisiana, don't ya think?