Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blue Lobster Gets Special Treatment: Al Sharpton and Gloria Allred Demand Answers!

Call it crustacean discrimination. With all the news about Paris Hilton, its about time to see one of her common allies getting some special treatment. A lobster with a royal blue shell won the equivalent of the lobster lottery, avoiding the usual fate of boiling water and butter because of its brilliant blue color.

Caught last weekend by Steve Hatch and his uncle Robert Green, the 1-1/2-pound clawed creature is bright blue, the result of an extremely rare genetic mutation. The genetic mutation gives 1 of every 3 million lobsters the distinctive blue color, a rarity that flashed like a neon sign at Robert Green when he pulled the spiny decapod out of a trap early Sunday morning in the mouth of the Thames River, near Groton, Conn.

It turned up in one of Hatch and Green's lobster traps at the mouth of the Thames River in Connecticut. "I've heard about them but this is the first one I've ever seen," Hatch said. Later that afternoon, he put the lobster in a cooler and brought it to the Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration, where it will live out its days in an elementary school classroom for children to learn about. Catherine Ellis, curator of fish and invertebrates at the aquarium, said only one in 3 million lobsters are "true blue," meaning their color is the result of genetics and not the environment. The one caught Sunday will join two other blue lobsters at the aquarium. I wonder if Gloria & Al will want to meet with the guys who caught this thing as well as the people at the aquarium to find out why this guy got the special dispensation! Doesn't that just drive you crazy?

Thank God they decided not to cook this lobster and give it the Paris Hilton treatment. Instead, the 1 1/2-pound lobster will grow old in a 400-gallon tank, eating cut fish and shelled shrimp and hiding from the grabby hands of students on field trips. And just so you know, if they had decided to cook this blue lobster for dinner, he might have been a wee bit disappointed.

They all turn red when they are cooked! Damn, I'm Hungry. Pass the butta!


So... if I cooked it, would it turn as red as Paris Hiltons cry'n eyes??