Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Trunk Monkey: The Ultimate Car Security System and Internet Cult Phenomenon

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a car is stolen every 25.5 seconds in the United States. In 2004 a total of 1,237,114 motor vehicles were reported stolen. If you own a 1995 Honda Civic, you might want to invest in an anti-theft system because that is the most-stolen car.

Are you paranoid? Don't be. Suburban Auto Group in Sandy, Oregon has a highly effective security system for your ride. They call it the Trunk Monkey.

Consisting solely of a trained monkey and a steady source of ice cold high-quality import ale or lager, the Trunkmonkey lives in the trunk of any vehicle and is car security at its best. The moment your car is in danger, the Trunk Monkey jumps into action. This series of commercials has become an internet cult phenomenon.

Kids throwing eggs at your car? The Trunk Monkey will chase them down and make them clean up the damage. Car thief hotwiring your new beauty? The Trunk Monkey emerges from the trunk, beats the culprit and then disposes of the evidence. The Trunk Monkey will even deliver your baby in the backseat. How's that for helpful?

Reaction to the commercials, which were created and produced by Portland’s R-West advertising agency, was overwhelmingly positive on Portland-area blogs. A search for “trunk monkey” on Google’s blog search turned up 1,689 results. The two newest commercials, the Super Bowl episode and the “Trunk Monkey fights aliens” installment, already have more than 5,000 views on YouTube.

“Everyone here at Suburban is every excited,” said General Manager Erinn Sowle. “We didn’t realize how big (the monkey) was until we went to the Portland Auto Show last month. It made the Super Bowl that much better.”

I didn't have a lot to write about today. I'm still coming off the disappointment that the Oscar's are over and now have to resort to Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition to find out all of the just oh so exciting news on my favorite celebrities. Yeah, right.

So take a break from your hectic day and Click Here To View All the Trunk Monkey Commercials. You'll get a good laugh and I hope your have a great day!