Monday, February 19, 2007

A Concern For The REAL News

Have you watch the freakin' news lately. Are we really that stupid? Let's look at the top stories of the day and not in their order of importance. People die - that's a fact. People get their hair cut. That's another fact. But it ticks me off what is deemed more important news let's look at the recent headlines!

Did you know Anna Nicole Smith is dead? Do you really care. And with all this in-fighting over who fathered the baby - is anybody concerned for the future of this child? Let's be real. She was a Playboy model...a celebrity. She made about as much difference to world peace as did Bill Clinton's White House antics. Any by the way, I think I'm putting my hat in the ring as the father of her child. Why not, it doesn't seem anybody really cares about the kid - just the money.

And Britney Spears. Now here is raw news. She got a haircut. Big dang deal. I get a haircut because my wife tells me to or because Sammy (my hair stylist) calls me and tells me it's been a month. And after my haircut, I don't go out and get a tattoo. The fact that this chick (again, another celebrity) cut her hair off is her own business. Maybe she had lice? Maybe she's trying to look like G. Gordon Liddy. I really don't care and I don't think you should either.

The Iraq War. Now here's news. Thousands of our soldiers have died over there. They are fighting battles that most of us could care less about. Sure, President Bush made some mistakes by sending them over there, but now that they are there, let's give them the support they need to get the job done. I don't want to see any more of these kids die either. Now what is going on in Iraq is definitely news. Those soldiers get haircuts and they don't get their pictures on every major media outlet in the world. These soldier die, and we don't post their pictures all over the world either. But Anna and Britney, now when they do this crap it's news - when a soldier does the same thing, it's page 89, column B, 4 lines. Thank God for a few of the major news outlets that do tributes to the REAL soldiers - my hat's off to them.

Okay, this rant's gone on long enough. I am appalled by a statistic I heard the other day that Anna Nicole's death got 813% more press coverage than the war in Iraq. Come on folks, new is news. Celebrity antics is entertainment. Let's put a distinct separation between the two and maybe this world will be a better place. Or at least we'll be more well informed!