Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Got A Pet Peeve? Here's Mine:
People Who Don't Comment On My Blog!

What bugs me? Heck if you've read this blog, it's a lot of things. One of my biggest peeves? Turn signals. You got em'...use em'!!! And another thing that bugs me is some idiot who changes lanes right in front of me, without looking, no turn signal, and then, when I finally get by him (or usually her) they are yacking on the cell phone. Arghhh. Well now there is someplace you can go (or you can always add a comment to my blog) to air your pet peeves.

Jon Williamson sensed that just about everybody out there had a pet peeve. Now he's got some statistical data to prove it. People talking too loudly in public, yakking away on cell phones or speaking in theaters during the movie are among the leading complaints his company's Web site, mypetpeeves.com, has catalogued since it began keeping track a couple years ago. Then there are people who don't listen when you do talk (a favorite pet peeve of women) or dogs that won't stop talking (in their case it's called barking).

"We've had over 114,488 from people all over the world," since MyPetPeeves began tracking them, he said. MyPetPeeves is proposing that people fight back with stuffed animals, electronic cards and other feel-good doodads it offers. Or, if buying stuff is also a pet peeve, they can sound off for free on the Web site.

Since he's been tracking pet peeves, Williamson has found that as the culture evolves so do people's gripes. "When MyPetPeeves came into existence, for example, telemarketers were a major headache. Since the creation of the National Do Not Call Registry, they appear to have become less of an annoyance."

This guys site is good for a laugh. He covers your peeves by topic including baseball, basketball, boss, boyfriends, cars, cart, cats, cellphone, children, clerks, college, computer, democrats, doctor, dog, driving, eating, fart, fast food, food, football, friends, girlfriends, hair, health, high school, hockey, husband, independents, grocery, kids, late, love, makeup, manners, medicine, messy, money, movies, music, news, nurse, nose, parents, pets, politicians, politics, office, religion, republicans, restaurant, rude people, radio, school, sex, shopping, sick people, sports, stores, teachers, teeth, text messages, telemarketing, time, tv, waiter, waitress, weather, wife, and wrestling.

I found a few on the site interesting, most of them are pretty mundane. Some are even redundent. Here are a couple of highlights from his website...

  • people who leave the coffee pot empty;
  • leaving your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle;
  • using the last of the toilet paper and not replacing it;
  • people who think they have to be cool
  • Sexual disfunction commercials with everyone smiling all the time
  • people who complain about what they don't have;
  • people who love themselves so much they think everyone should
  • People who don't want you to come to work sick - but complain because you took the day off
  • When you see a male teacher get five years in jail for have sex with a student but a pretty blond teacher gets only home arrest.

Most people (including me) have a bunch of little things in life that annoy them the most. I'm sure you, the loal reader of my blog, has got a few of your own. Post a comment by using the link below and let me know what bugs you! Maybe I'll do an article on it. And don't even think of trying to tell me that nothing bugs you.

One thing’s for sure... Everybody DOES have at least one!