Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Civil Rights: This Guy Get Worse Treatment Than Lindsay Lohan In Santa Monica

Where do we draw the line on our rights as Americans living in a "free" country? Sometimes, what we think may not be morally or ethically acceptable but it's not illegal. So where do we draw the line? A self-proclaimed pedophile best known for posting pictures on a website that advised other pedophiles on how to meet young girls is now upset that the Santa Monica Police Department (famous for the recent Lindsay Lohan arrrest) has posted his picture on their website.

This sick and twisted individual, Jack McClellan, admits to going to public events to take pictures of young girls, says he is now in fear for his life since a flyer has circulated bearing his picture, car description and license number. He should be. The circulation of the flyer is an unusual step, since McClellan is not wanted for any crime and the Santa Monica PD are going to incite some "justice" in a way that may be unintended. The flyer is careful to simply warn parents of McClellan's proclivities and his presence. But why are the police involved in this if there is no crime? Where does "innocent until proven guilty" fit into this story.

At least one mother is conflicted about the move -- Sharon Hart is glad to know about a potential predator (I am too), but is not sure whether the Santa Monica Police Department's move was correct. "He says he's a pedophile, but he's never done anything -- he just says he's attracted to children, but he's never actually molested a child," Hart said. "So is it a violation of his rights? …Yeah."

McClellan is threatening to sue the Santa Monica Police Department. I don't agree with what this guy does, it makes me sick. But if we are to live in a free society, as we call it, then we've got to follow the rules set forth to protect all of our rights. This is definitely an issue that is going to get some press here in LA and probably in the court system for years. This guy has admitted his problem publicly, maybe that's not a good thing for him, but it is for parents with kids. Instead of trying to hang him in the court of public opinion, maybe we should help him. Is that too far fetched?

Pedophilia, sexual abuse and crimes like those are running rampant in our country. Let's do something about it. It's kind of like someone who constantly talks about suicide. Are they asking for help? The experts say, Yes! So let's get off our asses and get this guy some help. Let's stop the problem before it become a real problem.

Is that too hard to do? Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong!