Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stop The Madness
California Attempts To Pass Smoking Law Due To Stupid People

A California lawmaker wants to protect children from secondhand smoke by making it illegal to light up in cars when minors are inside. In a time when cigarette manufacturers have paid out billions in Federal and State settlements, why in God's name haven't learned to heed that warning that is printed on every friggin' package of cigs for the last who knows how many years?

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease,

Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.

Sen. Jenny Oropeza, D-Long Beach, introduced legislation that would make it a crime to smoke in a vehicle when anyone under the age of 18 is present. Violators would face fines up to $100 for the infraction. "I think it's very important for us to protect children against the exposures to second hand smoke,” Oropeza said. “This is a way to do that."

Oropeza's bill, SB 7, would also require the State Department of Public Health to conduct a public awareness campaign, alerting Californians to the dangers of secondhand smoke in confined places. Critics say the measure is another "nanny government" bill, and say legislators should butt out of private lives. I agree. What type of people are we, and what kind of parent, if they can read and listen over the past 25 years, doesn't realize that smoking with a child in the car isn't a good thing?

"We don't need you to micromanage us," said Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa. "We don't need [government] to wipe our noses for us all the time with these overly prescriptive pieces of legislation." Oropeza’s bill is expected to be heard by the Assembly Health Committee later this month. Two previous attempts to pass similar car smoking bans failed in the Legislature.

As a smoker, I understand the reason for tougher laws but we as a nation of highly-intelligent people have gotten out of hand. We've attacked the tobacco industry so much it's pathetic. Why not go after the alcohol companies. I mean, come on, a lot of people die in alcohol-related accidents, liver failure and other medical problems. But do we go after them? Hell no. Why? Because what fat-cat Senator or Representative doesn't like a good Port with his illegally imported Cuban cigar? Maybe our Surgeon General (any idea who he is? I haven't known one since C. Everett Koop) should put this warning on every pack...

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer,
Heart Disease, Emphysema, May Complicate Pregnancy
And Cause Normal Intelligent People To Become Stupid
Due To The Fact That They Don't Realize That Smoking This Possible
Death Causing Substance Could Actually Kill You,
Cause Really Disgusting Cancer Spots To Appear On Your Skin,
Cause Thick Tarry Mucous and Phlem,
And Although Not Cited By a Government Study,
Could Cause Your Penis To Fall Off.

Now stick that in your absent-minded hat and smoke it!