Thursday, March 1, 2007

Get A Good Belly Laugh Today:
Billboards We'd Love To See

Billboards. Everywhere we go we see billboards. And they advertise everything from flowers to gasoline. We all say that we pay no attention to these things and that they are an eyesore in our communities. But we still read 'em...and remember 'em.

Last night when leaving from work (yes, after 10 PM) there was this e-mail that was set out for all to see with pictures of some billboards we'd all love to see. Some of them made me laugh so hard my ribs hurt. It gave me a little joy on my long ride home through the heart of Hollywood.

So today, I was thinking about what to put up here on my blog. The news of the day sucked. The stock market recovered a bit. That was nice. The big "storm watch" that we were supposed to have here in L.A. never happened. And yes, even Anna Nicole Smith's body was ruled it could take a vacation in the Bahamas. Even greater news, hunh?

So, since there wasn't much in the way of news or my personal commentaries on this news, I decided to compile a mini-slideshow for you all of some billboards we'd all love to see. Maybe then we'd say to people that we notice them. In my exhaustive research of billboards, I found so many that made me laugh. The best ones were from this company called They've even made these into greeting cards and they sell them on Amazon. How's that for marketing? Well, it's time for you to view my BILLBOARD SLIDE SHOW...CLICK HERE.

By the way, the slide above made me laugh hysterically. Have a great day!