Saturday, March 3, 2007

Our Tax Dollars At Work:
More Stupid Legislation Coming Our Way!

Want to know how much caffeine is in your soda? Do you want to know how many cans of Coke I would have to gulp down in one sitting to kill myself? Are you ready for this? 461.69 cans! If you really need to know, you'll soon be able to on a bottle of "The Real Thing." Like we really care!

The Coca-Cola Company plans to list the caffeine content on labels of all products sold in the U.S. It'll start in May with cans of its flagship Coke Classic, then expand to its other brands during the rest of the year.

The move comes as a New York City councilman Simcha Felder, who admits he drinks several cups of coffee a day says he'll introduce a resolution Wednesday to pressure the federal government to require food and beverages to contain labels revealing caffeine content. His wife said, 'You don't accomplish much as an elected official. Maybe you can do something about this,'" the councilman recalled Monday with a chuckle. "And I don't argue with her."

According to experts, apart from being highly addictive and causing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if we stop drinking it suddenly, research shows that even a little bit of coffee may reduce fertility by damaging sperm. But every cloud has a silver lining. Ironically, caffeine is being administered to pre-term babies to help them breathe. It also appears to increase alertness and improve performance under some circumstances.

Many people know that caffeine is a strong diuretic - it makes you urinate more than usual. It can produce insomnia - and some people experience tremors after drinking coffee and tea.

Too much caffeine may not be good for complex reasoning tasks, but it can improve mental speed-related tasks. A study which looked at 3 groups of volunteers and results found that Caffeine actually improved performance in more simple mental tasks. Mental speed is the critical thing in this test.

Global consumption has been estimated to be about one caffeine-containing beverage per day for each of the planet's 5 billion plus inhabitants. So, caffeine is almost certainly the most widely consumed psycho-active substance in the world.

Like I really don't care about how much caffeine I'm conuming on a daily basis. What I'd really like to know is how much freakin' money it is going to cost us as taxpayers for this mindless legislation, and the total $ it'll cost the Coca-Cola company to put this stupid label on their products.

The cost to produce this type of legislation is astronomical. Now I want to see warning labels that tell me how many parts per million of rodent droppings, bone fragments, spider legs, and all the other crap that is in my "all-beef" hotdog with sauerkraut (light on the mustard, please!)

As consumers, lets use our common sense to limit the quantity of crap we eat. Just like what your kid's watch on TV, the control is up to the only person who can control it...YOU!

Maybe we should put a warning on our legislator's who have way too much time on their hands that says...

"Voting for this candidate is hazardous to your income tax bill!"